16A 1PH EXTENSION CABLE with midnight black plug and couplers

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Ceeform plug and Coupler Pur cable with clarkes grommet for extended flexing life


PUR or Polyurethane has been used for cable sheathing since the 1960’s and is a thermoplastic material with superior physical properties to that of even the toughest thermosetting rubber. Being thermoplastic makes it recyclable unlike the typical thermosetting rubber equivalent cables.

PUR has some outstanding properties as a cable sheathing, making it suitable for high performance electrical cables in the most challenging of environments. It is very flexible throughout a broad temperature between -40°C and +125°C.

PUR sheathing is extremely wear-resistant and mechanically tough very difficult to cut or tear. It also has excellent ageing resistance against environmental humidity, ozone, UV radiation and microbes whilst offering an excellent barrier to a wide range of chemicals and oils. A useful characteristic of PUR sheathing material is its anti-kink property making it ideal for flexible and retractable cables Event Cables sensor and control cables, drag cables for automatic equipment, automation cables for robots and handling tools, energy cables, the food industry medical industry as well as in railways airports offshore and nuclear power stations.