Mennekes CEE 63A IP67 Titanex Cable H07RN-F 5G16mm²

Cable CEE 63A Titanex H07RN-F 5G16mm² Mennekes IP67


Heavy rubber cable Titanex H07RN-FF 5G16mm²  with Mennekes IP67 connectors.

TITANEX® Cable Which Has Evolved To Support Temperature Applications Up To 90°C

Rubber cables are widely used in a variety of different applications, including machine-tools, generators, manufacturing, construction sites, cranes, but also in the events industry. These cables must adapt to various environments – from indoor to outdoor, fixed or mobile, temporary or permanent applications. As a result, robustness and reliability are paramount. To help improve robustness and reliability, Nexans has upgraded its TITANEX® family of low voltage (LV) flexible rubber cables to become the first H07RN-F cable operating at up to 90°C temperature at the core (for fixed and protected installations).

Nexans has improved stability, flexibility, durability and thermal performance of the TITANEX® design, making it one of the most robust cables on the market, with a high resistance to vibration and abrasion.

Internal tests have shown that TITANEX® cables are designed to withstand up to five times the 30,000 continuous cycles required by the H07RN-F standard. The cable range is suitable for applications up to 1KV within fixed and protected installations in compliance with the H07RN-F standard for rubber cables. This means that installers and operators can now replace several types of cable with just one. This applies to both lower and higher temperature applications.

The latest generation of TITANEX® now also features a larger cross-section marking to ease identification and installation. Its resistance has also been improved so that the cables can be clearly identified and re-used without degradation.

TITANEX® cables are compliant with Eca Classification of the Construction Product Regulation (CPR) and are produced by Nexans France in its facility in Bohain, France.