IEC C15A Socket RH – Rewireable Mains




Mains Leads made to order

High temperature IEC C15 female Straight connector. 155 degree operation. Thermoplastic, black, white and grey

Our IEC C15A line socket is the true “kettle connector” and is the super hot conditioned, rated at 155°C and 10amps. You will often find the kettle connector being mistaken for the IEC C13 connector which looks similar without the notch and ridge line. The IEC C15A connector has been specially designed for use with “super hot conditioned” appliances, including HP servers and Cisco kits.

The IEC C15A connector is rated at 155°C and at 10amps whereas the IEC C15 connector is only rated at 120°C. The most important feature of the IEC C15A kettle connector is the ridge over the Earth connection along with the notch taken out the bottom, this is for your safety. IEC C15A’s are designed so to fit into the IEC C16A male, the whole idea of this notch and ridge is so you can’t put an IEC C15 into the IEC C16A which could melt the IEC C15 connector due to the difference in operating temperature and obviously cause a major fire hazard.