Motor Fan Outs / Soca Break Outs for Power and Control

An Events Industry staple, Clarke Cable Fan Outs are fully customisable, with equal or staggered legs cut to any length, and a wide variety of terminations possible.
They can be made with bespoke grommets or overmoulds for each connector, and with cold shrink protection at the soca spider end for extra protection, whilst still allowing for each cable leg to bend individually.
Custom labelling, numbering and branding options are available, including clear heat shrink and laser engraving.

A low voltage motor fan-out cable, also known as a fan-out cable or breakout cable, is a specialized electrical cable used to connect a single multi-pin connector to multiple individual connectors or terminals. This type of cable is commonly used in various applications, including the wiring of motors, electronic devices, and electrical panels. These cables are a practical solution for simplifying the wiring of low voltage electrical systems and ensuring efficient power or signal distribution to multiple devices or components. It helps organize and manage connections, reducing the risk of wiring errors and making maintenance and troubleshooting easier.

We produce many different fan out cables for the breaking out of Socapex to hoist cables, as well as fan ins to link Socapex to controllers with CEEform connectors on them.