Moulded Triangular Tri Splitter

The C61 splits a single power source into three outlet cables.
The input cable can be anything up to 5 core 4mm H07 / 8 core audio / hybrid power and fibre/data cables up to 15mm diameter, with a wide range of suitable output cables.
Supplied as standard on H07RN-F Titanex rubber cable.
Triple insulated with a strong internal nylon safety cage, and fully overmoulded with IP67 protection, Clarke Cable Splitters are designed to withstand the rigours of touring and harsh outdoor environments.
The C61 tri Splitter is tested to withstand 1 Tonne of weight with no effect on it’s appearance or function, ideal for worksites or stages with heavy equipment and machinery present.

  • Heavy duty crimped joints
  • Strong nylon inner protection cage
  • Durable & flame retardant PVC overmould
  • Individual strain reliefs
  • Fully electrically tested prior to shipping
  • Midnight black for the events industry
  • Tail lengths are fully customisable, or supplied as standard with 330mm tails