AtoV saves time and money with custom designed cables

AtoV has been providing high quality projection, display and video equipment rental since 2002 with a team of experienced staff holding the best knowledge in the industry. In that time much has changed in both display technology and video playback: AtoV pride itself on providing both the newest technology as well as tried and tested methods. An independent company with no manufacturer tie-ins or holding companies to answer to; AtoV have been able to create systems to rely on, which means its customers come back time and time again.

The Challenge:
Equipment demands have grown considerably both in technology and size requirements. As a result the complexity of infrastructure cabling means AtoV have had to turn to bespoke offerings to cope with the rise in demand. AtoV had a cable assembly solution in their mind for 3 signals to be gathered in one for control, video/data and power. The concept needed to combine power and fibre in unison using two independent high current power circuits, alongside a rugged tactical 4 core multimode fibre terminated with the appropriate connecting interfaces. This needed to be created within the smallest footprint possible for ease of transportation, set up and tear down as well saving cost on materials. It also needed to be durable enough in its small size to protect the delicate fibres within for a reliable onsite solution.

The Process:
AtoV approached Custom Designed Cables and Clarke Cable to see whether their idea could become reality. After the consultation, Custom Designed Cables drew up the initial design and spoke with the Clarke Cable in-house team. They decided to design a completely bespoke all in one cable using multiple cable technologies to simplify AtoVs system set-up.

To do this they produced a single composite cable which could carry all three of the required signals and cable types and break them out to facilitate interconnection with attendant hardware. To assist the second AtoV requirement of size, the design minimised the diameter of the cable, the power circuits were made up of multiple single cores that were grouped and crimped within a resilient safety cage, keeping safe the fragile elements inside.

The latest and highest standard of multimode cable was selected instead of the usual singlemode; to make the inner core thicker and far more resilient to dust contamination. This was then over moulded to give extra added durability and electrical safety complying with all industry standards. Custom branding was also produced with AtoV’s logo and chosen colour to stop loss of equipment and to help them quickly identify their cables onsite.

Benefits to the Customer

Simplified set up and tear down has saved AtoV time by using 1 cable instead of 3.

The microscopic fibre cable, the weakest element, now protected within the cable bundle for assured product resilience.

Saves money as the composite is more cost effective than 3 standalone cables.

A solution that is not only suitable to use with current systems but its design can incorporate and adapt to new technologies.

Clarke Cable and Custom Designed Cables have enabled AtoV to reduce their cabling times by up to two thirds with a fully bespoke solution; the redundancy of three cables means deployment has significantly been simplified. The tailor-made product is adaptable to cope with new technologies far into the future making sure AtoV are constantly cutting edge in the solutions they provide to their customers. In this industry time is literally money; this is at a premium with tight deadlines and penalties in place, so it is imperative that cabling is reliable. Clarke Cable and Custom Designed Cables made sure this was constantly at the forefront in the design phase and provided AtoV with a design where rough handling of cables will never be a problem again.

It does exactly what we asked them to deliver and has reduced our cabling time considerably

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