Bespoke Cable Solutions

Don’t compromise with a solution which is anything other than perfect

We’ve found a huge demand for our wealth of experience in developing one-off cable assemblies. We excel at offering cables to customers which previously didn’t exist. Customers were increasingly less impressed with cobbled together solutions made from off-the-shelf cabling and came to us to help them develop something bespoke and better suited to the job.

Our motto “your concept, our creativity” really does sum up what we do. We take your ideas and needs then develop them into a tangible solution fit for the job in hand.

A common situation for us is when a customer comes to us with a solution which either doesn’t work as it should or has some significant defects in its design and use. We will then take their existing cable assembly and redevelop it into a more suitable solution for the client’s needs.

We really to thrive on a challenge and you can see from the diversity of the case studies below we can adapt our skills and experience to pretty much any application you can imagine!

Prototype & Design

Right first time, and built to last!

In many cases testing products in the field is simply not an option. Our customers want to know that the solution we provide will work as expected the first and every time it’s used. We have a very admirable track record at doing this through our intensive prototyping and design process. Our team of experts are very good at identifying the right solution for specific needs, but once they have scoped the design the product then needs to be tested to ensure it will work as expected and last for the expected lifespan. We have an in-house lab where we put our cables and connectors through their paces. We can test for the following –

  • Cable wear & tear. Simulating thousands of cable flexes and stretches to ensure optimal function over time.
  • Connector strength & durability
  • Temperature tolerance
  • Water and dust protection
  • Voltage and current loads (Electrical cables)
  • Data transfer speeds (Optical and network cabling)

Contract Manufacturing

Let’s make it together!

Whether you need a permanent outsource partner to manufacture product for you, or you simply need to scale up your own manufacturing to meet demands we are here to help. We work with many companies to fulfil their manufacturing needs and to dispatch their products. We also work with customers who just need a boost in production to meet a surge in demand. Whatever your requirements are we would be delighted to discuss how we could take the strain of your manufacturing needs.

Our team have extensive experience of different products alongside our market leading experience with cable assembly and product integrations.

We can also provide product modification services to improve or redeploy products into other geographic regions. We can convert cables and connectors for regional variations and recertify them for use.

Reworking and Reconfiguration

Let’s make it better!

We offer a comprehensive reworking and reconfiguration service for products which need to be improved or adapted for the following reasons –

  • Regional compatibility (Plug or socket adaptations to redistribute stock to another country with different plug configurations)
  • Improve quality of cables and plug mouldings
  • Fix manufacturing defects (Save time and money by avoiding returning stock back to manufacturing origins like China)

This service can be very cost efficient avoiding stock wastage in warehousing or return to base costs when products need reconfiguration.

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