Socapex Extensions

Tour Grade Heavy Duty 19 Pin 6 Circuit Socapex Extension Leads


Robust & Durable Cable

Available on either 18 core 1.5mm² or 2.5mm² PVC sheathed soca cable. We also stock Titanex H07RN-F 18G2.5 for a more ruggedised alternative to the standard soca cable.

Typical applications for 1.5mm² cores include powering stage lighting fixtures, including PAR cans, moving lights, and LED fixtures, as well as to transmit audio signals and control data between mixers, amplifiers and speakers. Suitable for applications where power requirements are moderate, and for smaller, portable setups where the greater flexibility of 1.5mm² cores is beneficial.

2.5mm² cores are a better choice for events that require high intensity lighting setups with multiple high-wattage fixtures, as they can handle higher current loads and are less prone to overheating. Large concerts, festivals, and theatrical productions often rely on 2.5mm² Socapex cables to power extensive lighting and audio systems. They offer the necessary power capacity and reliability for demanding shows.

Film and television studios frequently use 2.5mm² Socapex cables for lighting setups and audio connections. The higher current capacity is advantageous for professional-grade equipment and studio lighting.

IP67 Waterproof

When mated our socapex cables have complete protection against dust and temporary immersion in water, ideal for outdoor use in all weathers.  

Reliable Connections

We only use 19 pin soca connectors from reliable high quality European manufacturers. Either soldered or crimped to the highest standards by experienced technicians, and fully tested before leaving the factory.


Clear heat shrink tubing, or printed Brady labels can be fitted for labelling, numbering & identification purposes. Laser engraving is possible on some connectors logos and text.

Rated 23A, 600VAC

Each circuit can carry up to 23 Amps continuous load.


Socapex cables are robust and versatile multi-pin electrical cables widely used in the entertainment and industrial sectors. They have become a global standard for connecting and distributing power and control signals in various applications, especially for events and stage use to carry 6 circuits of power in one cable, for connecting lighting systems, dimmer racks, and audio equipment. 

Their versatility means they can transmit power, data, and control signals simultaneously through a single cable, simplifying the setup and reducing the need for multiple cables and connectors.

Soca cables are also used in industrial settings for power distribution, control systems, and data transmission.

Whether 5m leads for studio use or 50m plus for outdoor arenas, we deliver high quality solutions to short deadlines, from purpose built premises in Congleton, Cheshire.

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