Antimicrobial Cable Assemblies

Protection for the full assembly – cable, plugs, and connectors

Our antimicrobial cable systems are in high demand across industries where hygiene standards are critical, and in devices intended for use in public spaces.

We offer antimicrobial assemblies as standard to all medical equipment manufacturers

antimicrobial medical cable
Antimicrobial medical coiled  Cable assemblies

Reducing the spread of pathogens and infectious disease in healthcare settings

According to a 2016/17 study* of NHS data on adult inpatients, Healthcare Associated Infections (HAIs) accounted for over 28,000 deaths and 7.1 million occupied hospital bed days in a year (21% of the annual number of all bed days in England), with an estimated cost to the NHS of £2.7 billion.

Antimicrobial additives in our cable and moulded parts kill microorganisms that come into contact with any part of the full cable assembly. The technology penetrates the cell walls of microbes, including those most often associated with HAIs, preventing their growth and reproduction, and ultimately killing them. The antimicrobial protection is effective against bacteria (such as MRSA, VRE, ESBL, Staphylococcus aureus), viruses and mould.

Reducing waste and the amount of single-use cables in hospitals – operating theatre cables are routinely thrown out after use, and single-use plastic bags are used to cover cables, whereas antimicrobial cables can be used repeatedly without losing their protective properties.

The antimicrobial formula is integral to the plastic used in our products – unlike other cable assemblies where antimicrobial agents are applied as surface coating, the active agents in our assemblies are still effective even if the cable is scratched or slightly damaged.



Minimising the risk of contamination in catering, hospitality and food & drinks processing

Microorganisms in contact with the cable are penetrated immediately, inhibiting their growth and preventing reproduction. The cells are completely destroyed within hours, leaving behind no trace of pathogens or biofilm.

Effective against bacteria, viruses and mould, including the most common causes of hospital infections such as MRSA, E. Coli, VRE, and ESBL

Coiled Cable Antimicrobial Cord Sets 

  • PUR sheath – LSZH, wear and tear resistant, anti-kink properties, protection vs UV radiation, chemicals and oils. 
  • High visibility and superior elasticity avoids trailing cables and trip hazards 
  • High durability and long-lasting coil retention to withstand heavy usage 
  • Long service life – tested to withstand over 1 million operations without any failure 
  • Complete Antimicrobial Protection  
  • Range of colors available upon request 
  • Wide range of custom coil lengths, tail lengths, plugs, splitters, and connectors to many global specifications


retractable cables
PUR coiled power cable
PUR coiled power cable
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