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We’re no strangers to designing and manufacturing products for harsh environments, and pride ourselves in our ability to build solutions for the most hostile conditions in the world. There are few applications where durability and reliability are in higher demand than in military uses. We have worked on many military projects, which are often needed with a fast turnaround, and must adhere to the very highest standards set for strength and reliability.

We developed a system to create a plug and play, ruggedised, waterproof and dustproof power distribution string for deployment in military field hospitals and vast MoD ‘tent cities’ around the world. The deployment for military use is often at very short notice and potentially for very harsh environments and it is essential that we make the specifications high to prevent any reliability issues. We welcome any requirements for high specification bespoke cable configurations for this type of application.

Professional Audio

Professional audio is a very significant sector for us, in which we have worked closely with some of the most respected audio manufacturers and service providers to produce cable solutions for the very best in audio quality and reliable use. We understand the demands of this industry and the professional engineers who use this equipment and have created some truly innovative solutions for the market.

We worked with Martin Audio to create custom cabling to connect their audio PA speaker systems. We developed custom mouldings to brand the cabling with Martin Audio’s logo and also created some fantastic solutions for connecting different types of speaker system using our multi-core and splitter technologies.

We also create other high-end audio cables for specific applications. Often used by rental firms we provide pre-configured cables for specific equipment installs, making setup and install a breeze for the technicians, but also creating a very robust cable suitable for life out on the road.

Medical & Healthcare

At Clarke Cable we take great care in making products suitable for all sorts of applications. One of the most challenging environments is hospitals and other sterile medical environments.

We make products which can work in the most demanding areas such as intensive care and palliative care wards.

Environments such as this needs strong, clean, and antimicrobial cable, and we have come up with some great solutions for clients including –

Cabling for Nurse workstation carts for use in Intensive care wards
These carts have a particularly hard lives as they are dragged around the wards from bed to bed. Our antimicrobial cables are easy to clean, strong and perfect for medical applications. We use highly retractable and highly visible coiled cables to avoid trip hazards and allow for maximal portability. 

High dependency beds
We produce cable assemblies for hospital high dependency ward beds. The challenge was to create a solution which prevented ingress of water and cleaning fluids into the actuator control boxes and, like our workstation, cables offer bacterial resistance for the highly sensitive care needs in critical care wards.

We can provide turnkey solutions to the medical sector for equipment and for hospital, ward and medical practice cabling infrastructures.


With the average car today containing around 3 miles of wiring, and electric vehicle sales doubling year on year, our services are in high demand by the automotive industry.

We design and manufacture the full range of cable and wire harness assemblies for the automotive industry, including for:

  • EV Charging
  • powertrain and engine systems
  • anti-lock braking systems
  • electronic parking systems
  • navigation and entertainment systems
  • sensors, lights, heaters, fans, windows
  • fuse and relay boxes
  • battery and control cables
  • ECU and EDS wiring
  • data and signal transmission
  • overmoulded components for increased protection
  • vehicle safety systems – cameras, alarms, seat belts, air bags, collision warnings
Water Treatment
We worked very closely with a client to produce a custom cable installation for water treatment chambers. With uptime being a critical component to these pieces of machinery we devised a solution which cut the man hours from one day to just one hour and the skill requirement from a fully certified electrician to a much less skilled operator. The UV lamps were previously hard wired into the chamber, so we produced a plug and play system which enabled live isolation of individual lamps thus minimising downtime and dramatically improving maintenance turnaround.
Live events & Theatre
The show must go on! That’s the mantra of many of our customers in the events and theatrical market. We understand the modern demands of stage and performance producers and have been involved in producing some very special solutions for this sector. We work closely with many leading companies producing some of the biggest shows in the world.

Our cables have been on tour with some of the biggest names in music (Muse, Kanye West, Beyonce, Metallica and Mumford and Sons to name a few). In these high profile performances, technical failure is not an option, and we put enormous effort into making the best products for this use.

We also provide solutions used at some of the biggest events in the world. Glastonbury is one of the most famous festivals worldwide, and we provide cable solutions for the legendary Pyramid stage and other smaller stages.

One of our most interesting projects was to develop a bespoke plug and play system for the Arcadia spider. It’s a huge custom built installation which has four towering legs which suspend the DJ booth high above the crowd and also houses lasers, lighting and pyrotechnics to create an amazing live entertainment venue and visual arts installation all wrapped up in one. You can read more about this in our case study, but in summary, we developed a cable system which saved 200 man hours in rigging time. Anyone who works in the industry will understand how significant that is for any touring show.  So far we have installed over 10km of cable into the spider which gives you a bit of an idea of the scale of this project. Not only did the system save time in installation, but it is also incredibly reliable and durable having to endure not only the demanding life on the road but also be resistant to pyrotechnic fuels and heat. We immensely proud of this project and delighted to know that the client has found our solution hugely successful in its day to day use.

This is another sector which requires highly efficient, reliable and durable solutions. We can produce cables for many different manufacturing facilities alongside our product cabling solutions. We are no strangers to this sector and have ourselves been at the forefront of British cable manufacturing for over 45 years and have our own manufacturing facilities in Congleton.

With modern manufacturing facilities working harder than ever before, it’s essential to have the best solution for the job. Especially with developments in process improvement and lean principles having the right equipment in the right place. Downtime is really not an option with limited maintenance opportunities during manufacturing shifts. We can provide custom cables to bring multicore cabling throughout the factory. We can help with mains distribution, computer networking and control systems for factory installations.

Industry & Construction
Construction requires rugged and strong assemblies and the way we construct our assemblies means that ours are unbeatable for performance. We have supplied products for major construction projects from Crossrail to nuclear power plants and we specialise in cable assemblies for tunnelling. Our cable systems are made to last with the finest details taken into consideration, these include:-

• Armoured Cable
• Arctic grade cable for challenging environments
• Y splitters that are double caged for durability plus many more bespoke designs

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