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Our moulded solutions have been tried and tested for many years. From the humble kettle cordset to the robust Tri-splitter, we have a wide variety of moulded options available. Our domestic market has a high demand for hardy, reliable plugs and connectors, and our products are no exception. They are rugged, tough and used in a wide variety of sectors, including medical, events, leisure, power and IT. 

In addition to offering our moulded solutions, we also offer what most others cannot- choice. Need a specific length cordset with moulded ends? How about a specific colour for your plug and connector? Let us know your preferences and we can offer you a product that is bespoke to your needs. We can also offer you comfort in the knowledge that you are buying quality British-made product, made to order here in our factory in Congleton. Try us- you will not be disappointed.

Need more information about our moulding process? Have a look at our reference section about over-moulding

Soldering & Screwdriver Work

We are tooled up and ready! Whether it be straightforward soldering or more involved measures such as attaching a 19 pin Socapex, we have the tools and time-saving solutions available for a wide range of products.

We have the facility for options such as:

Neutrik range (Powercon, True1, Ethercon, XLR)
Commando-style connectors and plugs (16amp, 32amp)
-Re-wireable options, plugs and trailing sockets



Our experienced team have been dealing with these solutions for many years, and are continuing to build on this experience through many different projects- from the simple to a fire-breathing spider, we have done it!

Need more information about rewireables? Have a look at our reference section about rewireable.

Cable cutting – Bespoke lengths

Cable cutting can often be a long and strenuous task, especially without the correct tools. With the huge varieties of cable available, it can often be difficult to choose what works best for you. Our experienced team have had over 45 years of working with various types of cable- whether it be single, three or 19-core, chances are we have dealt with it at some stage!

We offer the facilities of cutting and stripping cables to the length that you require. Our machines allow us to cut up to 2.5mm 3 core cable, with options to strip and crimp as appropriate. Want to utilise our cable cutting services with your own cable? You can also do this. Anything larger than this we can still operate on- our experienced operators are able to hand cut and strip your cable as well. Overall, we can offer you a valuable time-saving service, coupled with the knowledge of experience. 

Need a cable sourced? We have a wide variety of cable options on hand, as well as potential for sourcing various new varieties for you. All of our sourced cable is all sourced locally and from the EU, and adheres to strict guidelines. We ensure that our cable is CE approved and approved for use with our moulded solutions- our passion for safety and quality is reflected through our standards.

Tagging – Ferrules, Bootlaces

We offer a huge variety of terminals to suit your needs. Our options extend to both hand-fitted or machine- operated reels. Time-saving and quality are key here- we ensure that all of our work is quality-checked as it is made, while saving you the time of assembling, fitting and testing.

Want to know more about how we operate? Visit our resources page on ferrules and bootlaces

Testing & Certification

Are you as passionate about quality as we are? Quality has a direct link to safety, and in our industry, safety is pivotal in everything we do. Did you know that about 1000 accidents at work involving electric shock or burns are reported to the HSE per year? Our objective is to make sure that you, or your customers, are not a part of this statistic. 

Our passion for quality products is underwritten by our experience- we have over 45 years of experience of dealing in quality product. All of our components sourced locally and made in our Congleton factory in Cheshire. We believe that we can offer sturdy, British-made product to compete, along with local service and shorter lead times.

Want to know more about testing and certifications? Check our resources page for more info 

Additional Services

We have been manufacturing cable solutions for over 45 years having been the UK’s largest supplier of kettle cable assemblies for a large proportion of that time. Manufacturing has evolved significantly and more recently we have evolved to be a bespoke cable solution provider as well as a single source manufacturer of cables and connectors.

We’ve found a huge demand for our wealth of experience in not just manufacturing but in design and prototyping one-off cable assemblies. We excel at offering cables to customers which previously didn’t exist. Customers were increasingly less impressed with other suppliers’ cobbled together solutions made from off-the-shelf cabling and instead came to Clarke Cables to help them develop something bespoke and better suited to the job.

Our motto “your concept, our creativity” really does sum up what we do. We take your ideas and needs then develop them into a tangible solution fit for the job in hand.


It’s not uncommon for clients to come to us after they have been told by other companies that what they want simply can’t be done. We like to defy those who say it’s impossible and have many examples of projects where we have created something truly unique which saves time and money for the customer, and ultimately end up with a superior cable solution.  

Do get in touch if you have a project that needs our experience, skill, technology and sheer determination to make the impossible, possible.

Oh, and you needed it yesterday! Not a problem! We thrive on a demanding deadline too!


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“Best fit for purpose product on the market”

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One of the largest Film, Television and Photographic lighting rental companies in the UK

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