ATG Water Treatment – Plug and Play Solution

ATG are industry experts in the design and manufacture of UV (ultraviolet) disinfection treatment systems. With 30 years of experience, an impressive international client portfolio and thousands of successful case studies, ATG UV are leading the way in UV system design for municipal drinking and waste water disinfection, industrial and process water treatment, offshore UV packages and swimming pool applications.

The Challenges:
Industry standards for water treatment are becoming more and more stringent with the increasing threat of chemically resistant strains of microorganisms; it is essential that ATG continue to offer the state of the art technology to stay on top of the market and offer their customers the most cost-effective UV solution around.

ATG approached Clarke Cable to see if it was possible to create a product that could utilise existing industry interfaces in one single entity. They needed to create a dynamic adaptor that could join a ceramic UV lamp holder and a multipin power connector together; two items that have disparate ends and needed to be hardwired together by a skilled electrician. If they could somehow unify these existing interfaces into one simplified object it would dramatically speed up the re-lamping of UV treatment chambers and continue ATG’s dedication to customer service, competitive products and design quality.

The second challenge that ATG proposed to Clarke Cable was to design a plug and play solution that could be assembled onsite; often their customers are positioned logistically in remote places. Previously to re-lamp the systems they would have to be sent away to a designated workshop or a qualified electrician would need to look at it. ATG wanted to develop a competitive solution that would save their customers this time and hassle. The main aim was to make the need of a skilled labourer redundant and for the customers to re-lamp the system themselves. The plug and play product could be used therefore in any environment anywhere in the world.

The Process:
Clarke Cable decided to design ATG a completely bespoke solution that was entirely new to the market.

The twistlock lamp assembly would act as an adaptor to interconnect the ceramic UV lamp and multipin connector interfaces together. To do this a series of mould tools were designed to facilitate encapsulation and mechanically join the interfaces to each other. At one end a new ceramic component was redesigned to allow the over mould material to key to its very smooth surface finish. At the other end an industry standard interface was utilised to house the incoming power supply.

Subassemblies containing connecting pins and sockets were created to connect to the interfaces prior to over moulding. The finished parts carried the customer’s patented locking feature which ensured that the lamp holders had a secure feature to stop any chance of the UV lamps falling away from the holder.

To finish the solution 6m Low Smoke Zero Halogen power supply leads were manufactured to facilitate connection to the system power supply.

Benefits to the Customer

A plug & play product that is faster to install with no previous technical skill required.

A cost effective solution that can be installed onsite resulting in less down time and better product performance.

Enhances ATGs existing product offering for an incredibly competitive solution with maximum flexibility.

Clarke Cable not only made ATG’s concept reality they also created a methodology that previously did not exist. It dramatically speeds up the re-lamping process and can be installed by the customer instantly making the long process of a skilled labourer a thing of the past. The product assists and supports ATG to achieve continuous product improvement and project performance to their customers. It is a modern solution that that can blend existing interfaces and contributes to making ATGs systems the most efficient and high power systems on the market.

Innovative thinking at its best connecting existing technology has never been so easy

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