Clarke Cable brings a new meaning to heavy duty for PKE Lighting

PKE provide lighting and power distribution systems to the TV & Film industries for use at outside studio locations. PKE pride itself on offering a complete and safe solution to their customers by delivering bespoke lighting packages that include transport, generation and labour whatever the requirement to any location.

The Challenge:
PKE lighting and power solutions travel far and wide so it is essential that every component is built with the maximum durability to cope with the most rigorous of use. The first requirement Clarke Cable needed to fulfil was to create a robust and resilient unit that would allow one 16 amp incoming feed to be split between two outgoing sockets. The solution would need to be black to be unobtrusive and have a geometry that would not break or get damaged in trussing when being recalled. The dilemma PKE also faced was that the item needed to be black for discretion during use, but easy to recognise during tear down; as the 16 amp Y splitter would be used in multiple places where many other service providers are operating. The second solution Clarke Cable needed to supply, as a result, was to make sure the Y Splitter was easily identifiable with PKE branding to avoid confusion. Loss of equipment on location can become very costly to replace.

The Process:
Clarke Cable has a wealth of industry experience in creating quality Y splitters, the initial phase was to create a solution that used the latest generation which have a triangular delta footprint. The triangular shape has softened edges with no corners meaning the product would not get damaged in trussing. Inside the splitter a rigid inner cage was developed to offer a secondary insulation feature as well as offering the first line of resilience. Keeping durability at the forefront, a further ‘over mould’ completed the encapsulation of assembly, providing triple electrical insulation and high impact and tear resistance. Within this process the PKE lightings logo was indelibly created as a feature on the surface of the splitter for guaranteed brand identity.

Benefits to the Customer

High impact resistance ensures electrical connections are not compromised during frequent use.

The structure of the splitter means it is super resilient and does not snag or tear when pulled through trussing.

Permanent branding secures proof of ownership to stop losing equipment on site.

In an industry where failure is not an option Clarke Cable provided PKE Lighting with a Heavy Duty Y splitter for 16 and 32 amp applications that is the most resilient product in the marketplace. Many companies in this sector trade on their reputation and cannot afford to compromise as “bad news” travels fast and their first failure would be their last. Longevity was ensured and money was saved by having their name permanently cast in the over moulding, they can now easily prove their ownership of it. Loss of equipment is much less frequent even in the busiest of environments and locations.

PKE Lighting
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