Keeping it cool for Adande refrigeration

Michelin starred restaurants, hotel chains and QSRs have all been convinced by Adande’s unique Refrigerated Drawer system

The Adande system was the brainchild of the two consulting design engineers who were frequently asked by chefs working on North Sea oil & gas rigs to provide fridges and freezers that would hold temperature. With staff on the rigs being fed day and night, the fridge & freezer doors were in constant use. With chefs working 24/7, the problem of cold air falling out on each door opening was leading to food spoiling and being thrown out – a very expensive hobby for any caterer!

Working with customers and development partners on refrigeration projects, Adande’s research and development team continually extends the range of products that use the core, groundbreaking technology.

To ensure electrical connection during the perpetual opening and closing of the Refrigeration Drawers Adande approached Clarke Cable to come up with a solution. Due to the cold, wet and sometimes greasy conditions Clarkes devised a bespoke spiral cable terminated with IEC C13 connectors at one end and moulded country-specific plugs at the other. The cable chosen for the spirals was designed for arduous conditions. The harmonised Semoflex H05BQ-F was selected for its durability and the retention of spiral to over 1 million extensions

Having proven its worth over the last 3 years Adande have now developed an enhanced system and again Clarkes were chosen to supply cords this time for a 16 amp application

This time Semoflex H07BQ-F was chosen to facilitate the greater current draw but this time the spirals were terminated with IEC C19 connectors

As a service aid the 10 amp cables are bright orange RAL 2003 and the 16 amp cables a bright blue RAL 5015 so it is very easy for the end user to describe any replacement units they require.

Oil resistance: in accordance with DIN VDE 0472 part 803, test type B
Halogen free: the used basic materials are halogen free Applied standards: harmonized HD 22.10 S1, VDE 0282 10 –
Microbe-proof as far as possible –
Resistant against oils and acids as far as possible –
UV resistant as far as possible –
Abrasion-proof – high radiation resistance

  1. Conductor: plain copper, fine stranded according to VDE 0295 class 5
  2. Insulation: Rubber 3GI3 according to VDE 0207 part 20
  3. Sheath: polyurethane 11YM1 according to VDE 0250 part 818
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